Urban Living Institute : An Organization That Promotes Healthy Living

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Urban Living Institute
The Urban Living Institute is an organization that promotes healthy living. They are primarily based in Texas where they do a majority of their research to create new urban living environments that are healthy and safe. The ULC has been known for aiding in underprivileged areas in order to provide these benefits to all peoples in the area. They “support instructional, research, and service activities focused on topics such as smart growth, new urbanism, environmental and social sustainability, and quality of life issues in American cities.” (A)By doing this they have started a revolution of healthy living in the United States through aiding underprivileged peoples, creating a healthy environment, and promoting this environment to others.

Their mission statement is “TO CHALLENGE INDIVIDUALS TO MOVE ABOVE AND BEYOND THEIR ENVIRONMENT AND PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCE TO PREPARE THEMSELVES FOR LIFE-LONG SELF-SUFFICIENCY.”(B) In order to do this they must enforce rules to challenge their residents that live in their facilities. Healthy living is very important in today’s world. Everyone is on a health craze and it’s obvious why. Many Americans suffer from health problems due to smoking, lack of exercise, and stress. To help with these problems many companies are seeing the value in promoting non smoking areas to people. Even the University of Arkansas has had a long standing of non-smoking on campus to aid in healthy living. It is not fair for other students and
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