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Many Americans rate back and imagine life with fewer, a privileged opposition in the high income sphere have brought their worries and sometimes trivial arguments online, where they have different discussions in the Web like how someone should teach a child, why people with high income do not actually feel rich, or why some people judge another by brands of their strolles. Besides, DC Urban Moms and Dads (DCUMD) message board works for a city where every third child lives in the poverty. While the active users of the site mostly come from the District’s tony 20016 zip code, and their average family budget is higher than $133,000. Unfortunately, DCUMD now has morphed into name-calling, judging and all out war between mothers of DC residence…show more content…
Urban Moms message board. And by the way, your kid's stroller sucks talks about judgment, yet on a more extreme level. Briefly, it talks about a blog for mothers in D.C. to offer insight, advice, etc. on life as a mother in D.C. Unfortunately, it has morphed into name-calling, judging and all out war between mothers. The author mulls over mothers judging each other by what stroller they use: "Bugaboo owners are rich and fad-oriented, MacClaren owners are upper middle-class and highly educated, Graco owners are poor" (Washington City Paper). This judgment illustrates that the society has entered a new stage of the consumption culture where "the symptoms of expensive vice are conventionally accepted as marks of a superior status" (Veblen 71).
The discussion on what stroller to buy corresponds to one mentioned in the book "Nation of Rebels", when Cougars made a boy a laughing-stock, as these boots were not in fashion. "Cool has become the central of consumer capitalism" (Heath and Potter 188). Mothers want to purchase more expensive strollers not because of their quality, but because of the brands. The latter has become a sign of status and position in the society, while the stroller indicates the class to which its owner
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