Urban Planning Critical Issues On Urban Development

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Reflection Assignment: Urban Planning Critical Issues A critical aspect of urban development concerns paying attention to effective planning and the frameworks that guide fashionable expansion of cities. One of the primary reasons to consider promoting the suitability of cities is the effects of the increased construction to the environment. There necessitate an understanding that upgrading of the town facilities promotes a sustainable existence. The current paper is a reflection assignment on critical issues affecting urban planning. The case of the North Dakota will help to reflect how city planning impact on the people. While much of urban development is celebrated, relevant authorities must identify that effective planning is a critical issue. For instance, in the case of North Dakota Kelly states that “No one knew this was coming, but you have to play the game with the cards you’re dealt” (Kelly 26). North Dakota developed greatly than expected. The explanation of Kelly’s statement is that procedures in urban expansion require a clear understanding of the future. As a consequence, the relevant authorities should not engage in unnecessary actions that may affect urban setting in the future. Urban planning should integrate measures that support changes in the urban setting to achieve notable processes (Harris and Moore 1501. In this regard, the critical aspect is to consider an establishment based on the current needs. Following the right path that accommodates

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