Urban Politics Of The Brazil

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Urban politics of poverty in Brazil have been highly publicized over the past few years. In large part, this is due to capital spending on the creation and renovation of stadiums for the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016. Imagine waking up every morning and walking outside to slum-like conditions. Right next to those slum-like conditions are brand new athletic stadiums that will primarily used for about a month. It must be infuriating seeing public money be spent on flashy buildings, meanwhile, homes, parks, schools, and more are not given nearly enough funding that is required for complacency. Yet, much of what an individual sees may be interpreted differently. These rundown favelas impact are what people call home. Home…show more content…
Urban politics in Brazil happen to be the exact reason why housing, transportation, inner-city crime, and more happen to occur in the favelas. Brazil is suffering from inconsistent political agendas which ultimately, has created collective effort by citizens to riot against uneven development. All throughout Brazil they built new state of the art stadiums, meanwhile there was a massive issue of poverty occurring. Favelas in Brazil can be found throughout the country. Most famously, Rochina, a favela in Rio De Janeiro sits massively entrenched on a hill in between a mountain range. Just below Rochina lies Rio’s developed downtown area. Maracanã, a local stadium in Brazil that was subject to much criticism, just miles away from Rochina was renovated heavily to be the standard for all stadiums. Accord to NPR, further outcry embellished when a brand new stadium in Manaus was built. Manaus is located in the middle of the Amazonas state (in the Amazon Rainforest) and it is only accessible by boat or plane. That is how far out of the way this city is. Yet, Brazil decided to invest in a brand new stadium in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest rather than invest in its people. There is increasing hope that the arena will draw future investors, businesses, and home developers/renovators to the area. However, it is unlikely that this occurs quickly if at all. Amazonas is amongst the poorest states in Brazil, which infers that
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