Urban Politics Of The Brazil

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Urban politics of poverty in Brazil have been highly publicized over the past few years. In large part, this is due to capital spending on the creation and renovation of stadiums for the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016. Imagine waking up every morning and walking outside to slum-like conditions. Right next to those slum-like conditions are brand new athletic stadiums that will primarily used for about a month. It must be infuriating seeing public money be spent on flashy buildings, meanwhile, homes, parks, schools, and more are not given nearly enough funding that is required for complacency. Yet, much of what an individual sees may be interpreted differently. These rundown favelas impact are what people call home. Home for many people isn’t necessarily tied geographical locations are a physical identity where families reside. Homes are immensely impacted by several distinguishing factors. First and possibly most important, location. The location of a home can increase or decrease the value possibly more than anything else. Homes that are near booming city centers, goods and services, good schools, etc. will always attract development and importance. However, these homes are desolate and run down. Many favelas lack resources, businesses, and funding to encourage people to live there. People who lack the financial resources to live in more affluent areas often times are the ones that end up living there. These homes often lack the basic housing necessities…
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