Urban Security

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It is the right of all those who are living in the urban centers to be assured of their security. Considering that the urban centers are the hub of the economic growth, it becomes more sensitive to consider the security situation in the area. At times it becomes very hard or even impractical for one person to influence the economic decisions of another person. However, the government agencies also have a responsibility to make sure that those who opt to move from the rural areas to the urban areas have peace and security. It is true that over the previous times, the case of an increase in the level of crimes in the urban areas has been escalating. The urban centers have become the breeding ground for the criminals to advance their agenda of robbing from people. Even though the government may invest more on the security through foreign missions, there is the need the need to get seized of the issue of insecurity and crimes in the urban centers. It reaches a point where the role played by the security agencies becomes oblivious. Considering that in the past the cases of crimes were few, it means that the current changes in the security status can be attributed to the structural changes that have come up as a result of the growth in the urban centers. The fast rate at which cities are…show more content…
To have a positive growth in the expansion of the cities, security has to be considered. It is, therefore, important to establish repressors that are responsible for the escalating crime rate. One of the most important points that need to be addressed before anything else is to get to know what specifically causes insecurity. This paper will be attempting to establish the relationship between the urban growth and the number of crime case that has been recorded in the selected few cities in the country. The study will attempt to address and answer the following special null
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