Urban Shield : A Preparedness Training For Prevention, Protection, And Prevention

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Urban Shield has grown into a preparedness training for prevention, protection, response and recovery in a high-threat and busy urban area. Many people are becoming more and more against the urban shield program, however I think it’s a necessary training program to implement within local law enforcement agencies. It trains law enforcement and the sheriff’s office to prepare for terrorist threats, and how they can respond to threats or attacks without use of the military force. With the numerous events going on in today’s world with alleged attacks from terrorist groups like ISIS to not only the US but to other countries in the world, Urban Shield highly prepares law enforcement to respond to threats. Nobody expected those sudden attacks in…show more content…
Urban Shield is ready for attacks of all kinds, especially situations such as active shooters or terrorism on our own soil. It’s unfortunate we have to worry about attacks like this, but ever since 9/11 America has been changed. Our security for air travel and border control is far stricter, but nobody seemed to be against that. It was all in response to prevention of another terrorist attack, so by having Urban Shield I believe this kind of training is perfectly justifiable. Which is why it’s important to prepare for any situation that could happen. This kind of training points out week points and things to improve on. It improves communication and teamwork between other agencies. We can’t have a police officer or member of the National Guard to watch over every single school in the United States, so deploying rapid response law enforcement teams is a great alternative.
With labs like the Lawrence Livermore lab and huge technological companies that we have in the Silicon Valley, or tapping into the tap water source for schools or homes, these could be targets for terrorism or active shooter situations that are vital and need to be protected. The next attack could happen at any moment, just as we saw two weeks ago in the San Bernardino shooting in Southern California. These kind of things are never expected, which is why giving law enforcement on a local level is a smart thing to do. I believe it’s always
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