Urban Society And Its Extent Of Their Participation Essay

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participate in urban society and expanded the extent of their participation. In addition, due to the collapse of the danwei system and the delegation of the social functions of danweis, community service has gone beyond the category of social assistance and is now targeted at all the residents. Moreover, the law governing the operation of the market economy has further promoted the specialization, industrialization and socialization of community service. These changes have given rise to changes in the community concept and formation. Communities transformed from the original “quadrangles” and “lanes and alleys” to “unit communities” (residential compounds comprising housing of government organs, enterprises and armed danweis) and then on to open “diversified communities.” Communities have begun to change from sheer residential quarters to integral communities of interests with many functions offering all-dimensional services and constitute a basic danwei of the whole city. Communities have made administration and danweis less important and strengthened regional organization, psychological belongingness, affectional acceptability, interests integrity and service diversification. At the moment new interests converging points and organizations of “city residents” are taking shape, and a lot of intermediary-like “organizations of city residents” have emerged. If we take another perspective, we will find it inevitable for communities to become a new converging point between the
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