Urban Sprawl And New Urbanism

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Urban Sprawl and New Urbanism In the modern world, human civilization has seen many changes from earlier points in our history. In the more developed countries in the world, human civilization is broken up into two main categories known as “Urban Sprawl” and “New Urbanism”. In the interactive, Urban Sprawl and New Urbanism are broken down into five main branches: Regional Transportation, Parking, Street Plans, Shops, Civic Buildings, & Workplaces, and Residential Distribution. These branches reflect many of the places that we live in and see every day, and explains their purpose in depth. Regional Transportation in New Urbanism includes mass transit that is of easy access to the people that live within the vicinity. The public transportation in New Urbanism is meant to carry large amounts of people at once such as light-rail busses, and subways in order to get them to their destination quickly to minimize the amount of time it takes them to get where they need to go since the commutes are fairly short. This also cuts down on car trips since the busses and subways are within walking distance, and provides people with more time for family and community life, and can even bring low-income workers to suburbs where there are many jobs. In terms of Urban Sprawl, many businesses, shops, and jobs are not within a close distance, and as a result, many have to drive themselves to their destinations. A vast amount of people rely on highways to get to wherever they need to go, and…

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