Urban Sprawl Of The Middle Of Manhattan

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Throughout the ages of civilization, mankind has evolved its environment and along with the changes to the environment it has affected us immensely. As skyscrapers are erected in the middle of Manhattan, it was with the sweat on a brow of mankind. Pollution of transporting necessary objects to create the obelisk and many factors contribute to the downfall of individuals. Environmental psychology focuses on the study between person-environment relations. Person- environment can be described as a cycle, because as well as the environment influencing us, we influence the environment. Urban sprawl is an issue that has been brought to the light by empirical studies and the effects on a global scale. Urban Sprawl contributes to…show more content…
People shouldn 't want to move to the suburbs just to have that modernity because it can result to isolation. In the suburbs if you want to go somewhere you need a car which is just another factor on why urban sprawl is damaging to our environment and will have long-term effects for future generations. People are adapting to the privacy of having fewer neighbors and no neighborhood in the suburbs, but it 's just pulling us back as social animals it gives us a sense of loneliness being constrained by isolation because you basically living in the middle of nowhere. Trying to go out is a hassle living in the suburbs because the one you need to fill up your car with fuel which is costly, and you need to deal with the traffic. Enough with expanding outwards we need to build a new development where it benefits the occupants and environment. Section 3: Follow The Leader Michael Johnson has written a paper that describes the research done to study the effects that urban sprawl has on public health. (Johnson 2001) "Urban sprawl has recently become a subject of popular debate and policy initiatives from governmental bodies and nonprofit organizations," Johnson states there are agreements towards the aspects that urban sprawl has on the environment, but we do need policy makers to decide and enforce an alternative so the conditions do not get worse and need to come up with new
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