Urban Stormwater Runoff And Its Effects On The Environment

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INTRODUCTION Urban stormwater runoff, considered as one of the most significant diffuse pollution sources in urban areas, can cause water quality degradation leading to environmental, ecological and health risks to humans and. Many pollutants, such as nutrients, oils, microbes, metals, solids, and organic contaminants, are transported through runoff from urban places to receiving water. These pollutants can be present in many different forms (e.g. dissolved and particulate-bound forms), and differ in origin not only based on the pollutant type but also according to land use type. IMPORTANCE OF ASSESSMENT OF STORMWATER QUALITY AND QUANTITY The detailed assessment of urban stormwater quantity and quality is vital for evaluating and…show more content…
Literature reviews have stressed the possibility of evaluating water pollutant concentrations (mainly for the total suspended solid) using turbidity which can be very easily monitored continuously. Total suspended solids is one of the most important water quality indicator because the fine sediment is one of the most generally present contaminants found in urban stormwater, which also offers a medium for the build-up, conveyance and storage of other pollutants including nutrients and metals (McCarthy et al., 2012). Nowdays, more and more care has been paid on uncertainties in water quantity and quality measurements. Earlier studies have contributed to practices for uncertainty estimates in data from hydrological and water quality measurements. It is recognized that uncertainty is inherent in data and thus should always be taken into account in order to make sensible interpretations and further applications including analysis of data and modeling. EFFECT OF WEATHER ON STORMWATER RUNOFF AND PARTICULATE MATTER Urban runoff quality and pollutant transport mechanisms have been more commonly studied in warm and temperate climates, where local weather situations and catchment properties play a key role, but are less understood and evaluated for cold climates considered by strong seasonal. In warm and temperate climates, much mechanisms are known about the main hydrological variables that have a great effect on runoff quality during
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