Urban Sustainability And Its Impact On The Environment

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Introduction Urban sustainability is a very important topic that needs to be addressed and focused on so that cities and communities all over the world can change and reduce their harmful impact on the environment. In order to do so, communities must develop sustainably by focusing on how to manage resources in a way that guarantees welfare and promotes equity of current and future generations (Elmqvist, 2013). The impact of urbanization is only going to increase, so cities around the world need to find the means to do it in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable ways possible (Allen, 2009). Cities are a focus for sustainability because they are a hub of human activity and development, production, and consumption of goods (Elmqvist, 2013). Citizens and their governments need to embrace sustainability so they can secure the means of survival, improve the quality of the community, protect the environment, maintain healthy citizens, and to have pride in the legacy left for future generations (Roseland, 2012, p.3). A big issue for urban areas in developed countries is that they have become less reliant on their surrounding areas for sustenance and are increasingly importing consumer goods, food, energy, water, and building material from distant sources (Allen, 2009). Waste is also being exported from urban areas to distant regions (Allen, 2009). Cities and communities should try to be more sustainable and more self-reliant by using the surrounding areas to produce
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