Urbanization And Development Of Urban Areas

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Urbanization can be simply be defined as the change from the rural activities to the urban areas and activities. This is in matters concerning the population and also the proportion of the people who are concentrated in a certain area and also the increase in the population of the people who are living in the areas. This also relies under many circumstances such as the ability of the people to change on the situation and also the living standard of the people and also how the people who are situated in these areas try to adapt and also maintain the changes which are seen in these areas. The process can also be seen to be the main factor which leads to the development of town or the urban centers as the people move to the urban areas look for the working environment. This lead to a situation whereby we have the people moving from the rural areas to towns so that they search for the job and thus making the cities and also the towns to be more concentrated and also become large and larger as the population increase and also infrastructures develop. The act of urbanization is also much related to immigration, this means that many of the urban centers have developed due to the act of immigration in many countries in the world. This paper will tackle on the matters concerning the act of urbanization and also immigration. This is through the act of involving Syria and also Turkey as the main countries which are affected by the above two situations ("What Are the Causes of…
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