Urbanization And Poverty In Canada

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“Urbanization, rising income inequality, and increasing class segregation have produced a geographic concentration of affluence and poverty throughout the world, creating a radical change in the geographic basis of human society.” (Massey, 1995, p. 1)
Geographical concentrated pockets of poverty is a worldwide phenomenon. In the United States, during late 1980s and start of 1990s, Wilson (1987) was the first one who critically analyzed this phenomenon in his book “The Truly Disadvantaged” and later attempts were made by Massey and Eggers in 1990, Massey and Denton in 1993, and Jargowsky and Jo Bane in 1991 among other researchers (Kazempiurm 2000, p. 369).
The main findings from these studies were that in the late 1980s and beginning of 1990s. “Poor individuals and families tended increasingly to be concentrated in
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According to compelling research findings by Spatial Separation of the Poor in Canadian Cities “ Pockets of poverty for visible minorities exist in Canada side by side with upscale residential areas in cities with vibrant economies. “The age of extremes” (Massey 1996) may have arrived in Canadian cities (Fong & Shibuya, 2000, p. 457)”.
One study by Hajnal in 1995 showed that The spatial separation of the poor from the nonpoor in fact is more extensive in Canada than in the United States: The percentage of individuals living in areas of “concentrated urban poverty” (where the poverty rate exceeds 40%) is 2.7% in Canada, compared with only 1.6% in the United Sates (Fong & Shibuya, 2000, p. 450).
The united Way report Vertical poverty examined the Canada’s census data from 1981 to 2006. According to the date “trend of poverty concentration is intensifying, even the short, additional five-year period between 2001 and 2006 (MacDonnel & Robinson, 2011, p.
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