Urbanization Differences Between The Third World And The First World

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Urbanization differences between the Third World and the First world would be characterized by their large which took over nearby towns, along with exertion by way of economic, social, cultural, and political dominance. Third World cities also have very different histories and characteristics than the First World cities. According to Gottdiener’s text, “The key differences involves factors such as elite power, state policies, integration into the global economy, and the effects of class structure capitalism.” ( Smith Timberlake, 1993)(p. 284) The developing nations were often seen as periphery whereas the developed nations are seen as the core. Mainly because the less developed countries were targeted for their resources. Resources, such as, agriculture, tourism, or a place to operate a strategic, military base. All this is just another way of saying that the developed nations were exploiting the developing nations through their people, products and resources both natural and manmade. All that this accomplished was to make the developing nations more wealthy and the developing nations were provided jobs but at the expense of people both local and rural and immigrants in search of jobs that led to over population, lack of housing and shortage of jobs. This of course leads to more problems that the developed nations have experienced and dealt with and have almost succeeded in solving completely but the developing nations have yet to find their own solutions to deal with
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