Urbanization In America

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Greenwood shows us cities in the United State are Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, Detroit, Houston, New York and Los Angeles. These cities are the corners of the United State that part of basis of our economy and also the oil industry. He thinks listing these cities in the song will make people who listen to the song can remember and know about these main cities in America. He also mentions the amazing and special views from each different cities. “From the lake of Minnesota to the hill of Tennessee” Listing the places help the listener has an overview about the city. For example, Minnesota has so many amazing lake such as Mille Lacs Lake, Leech lake, lake Vermillion,... and so on. These are the most beautiful lakes in America that Greenwood just wants to bring the lake to his song for people to admire the beautiful of nature in America. On the other hand, lake is not the only beautiful place in America; there’s also hill of Tennessee and plains of Texas. The hill and plains in Texas are huge, wild and majestic. The nature is not just the quiet and beautiful lakes, there’s also wild hills, giant plains and “shining sea” that highlight the beautifulness of America. Beside the nature, people is the one that make America where it at now. New York and Los Angeles are the most bustling and modern cities in the United State.
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