Urbanization In Latin America

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Ever since the multiplication of the human race, the use of nature’s resources has always been a factor. But when you come around the 1950’s time that is when we humans start to really abuse it. Even if it is deforestation or urbanization. To green house gases and melting ice caps, humans play a part in it all. As we continue to not take care of the earth and its resources, it loses its ability to take care of us. The variety of ways that trees are used is global. Every year over 3 billion trees are cut down per year! This is called deforestation. The trees that are cut down usually are to clear spaces for farmland, urbanization, or just for things like paper or furniture. This is a huge problem because ever since the industrial age, more than half the planets trees have been…show more content…
The level and growth of urbanization differ considerably by region. Among different countries, Latin American countries have the highest portion of the people that live in the country living in urban areas. But the south and the east of Asia are the most likely to have the most urbanized area over the next 30 years. Almost all of future world population growth will be in towns and cities. Urbanization is a powerful force of human nature because as they move, the climate shifts with them. The more humans in one area make more pollution in that one area because of all the Homo sapiens living there. “In 1800 only about 2 percent of the world's population lived in urban areas. Until a century ago, urban areas were some of the unhealthiest places for people to live. The increased density of populations in urban areas led to the rapid spread of infectious diseases. Consequently, death rates in urban areas historically were higher than in rural areas. The only way urban areas maintained their existence until recently was by the continual in-migration of rural people.”(,
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