Urbanization Of Mexico City Or Just D. F.

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Mexico City suffers from a wide range of urbanization struggles such as Water Scarcity Heavily Increasing Population And a common theme The Slums. Mexico City also suffers from a poor economy $1 AUD = 15.37 pesos most of Mexico City Speaks mainly Spanish. Mexico City is also referred to as Mexico D.F (or just D.F).

Mexico City’s increasing population Mexico City Currently has over 8.8 million
And the size of Mexico is 1,485 Squared Kilometers which means for one squared kilometer of land it averages 5,960 people. Mexico City has 4 Million people Living in one slum Alone. “Neza-Chalco-itza one of the biggest slums in the world”. (International Business Times) Mexico City is the capital of Mexico Therefore people move to Mexico City to make
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