Urbanization in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu ranks first in urbanisation among the fifteen major States in the country. Urbanisation has been on the increase since 19611.According to the 2001 Census, Tamil Nadu has emerged as the State with the highest level of urbanisation (43.86 per cent) in the country. 2.72 out of 6.21 crore of the total population of Tamil Nadu live in urban areas.

Objective • To highlight the impact of Urbanisation slowdown in our state. • To emphasize, how the natural habitats are destroyed.

Scope and Limitation
The scope of this report is towards enabling the students and management • To highlight the upshot of environmental degradation • Help them to become a part in reducing the global warming.

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Environment Sanitation:

Water Supply

An increasing urban population has been creating a huge gap between demand and supply of water every year. The last Census estimated that approximately only 70 per cent of urban towns have access to safe drinking water. The minimum per capita supply of water required in urban areas varies from 70 lit/day to 130 lit/day, and this requirement of water supply varies according to the land use classification of the towns. The sources of water supply, purification, pumping of water, storage and distribution varies from place to place. In Tamil Nadu, out of 744 towns (including corporations and municipalities), 145 towns are not fully provided with water supply.
The problem of drinking water is more acute in rural and urban town panchayats. 45 out of 370 urban town panchayats and 97 of the 241 rural town panchayats are not fully provided with water supply. About 15 per cent of the urban population is yet to be provided access to drinking water, highlighting the fact that the urban water supply in Tamil Nadu is far below the national average. For instance, 86 out of 104 municipalities, all corporations, and 412 out of 611 town panchayats have water supply below the national average of 90 lpcd.


In Tamil Nadu underground drainage system has been provided only in major urban centres, like Salem, the municipal corporations of Chennai, Coimbatore,
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