Urinary Epidemiology Lab Report

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All of the data for the experiment was collected and averaged for the each of the urine characteristics and contents. The information designated important included the volume of liquid consumed, and amount of urine voided. Additional information was gathered in regards to the pH of the urine, as well as the averaged urine specific density across all of the tested groups. The contents of the urine was also tested for the presence of four substances that would indicate possible a failure in the renal system of the individuals that provided the urine.
All of volume that was ingested and voided across the groups was recorded and quantified and finally averaged as shown in figure 1. The largest volumes that were ingested were found with the Coke
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At the T zero time interval all of the groups were found to be at about the same starting point with no real deviation between the groups that exceeded the standard error. At the 30 minute interval however, the Coke group were found to have the highest flow rate when compared to the other groups. The non-drinker and Gatorade groups were found to have about the same flow rate at the thirty minute interval while the water drinker group was found to have the lowest flow rate at the first time interval. At the sixty minute interval the drinker groups were all within range of each other while the non-drinker group had a substantial difference in flow rate and the initial steps towards a decrease in flow rate. The ninety minute interval demonstrated a spike in the flow rate for the Coke group along with an equal flow rate for the water and Gatorade group, by comparison the non-drinker group continued the downward trend although the volume levels did not drop by a dramatic amount there was still a decrease. At the end of the experiment the water group peaked in flow rate although not to the level of Coke in the ninety minute interval. Coke produced the second highest flow rate, with Gatorade behind it at the end of the
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