Essay on Urinary Incontinence

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For many people, getting older can be difficult because of fear. They worry about what could happen to them or what type of diseases they might develop later on. To become a more mature adult is a stage of life that each individual will experience in a certain point. Statistics shows that eighty-eight percent of those of sixty-five years of age and older have at least one chronic health condition such as diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s disease or cancer. ( This scholarly essay will focus mainly on urinary incontinence (UI) which is a common health problem that elderly may have.
Urinary Incontinence is the accidental or unwanted leakage of urine causes by a loss of bladder control. ( The need
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A student, in the practical nursing program, giving the best care by using and applying skills, principles, and guidelines is the main concern. Seventy-five percent of patients in hospital are elderly simply because of their fragility and decrease in their immune system which would cause mature adult to develop a health problem. Every week is about meeting new patients with different type of diagnosis so skills can develop and one of the patients has caught a particular attention.
The patient is an 87 years old Canadian woman; she found it disheartening to talk about her condition. Understandable, since most would find being unable to control one’s bladder at any point in a person’s life embarrassing. Discussing it over with family it is a nurse’s job to reaffirm with the patient that they are here to help, as well as speak with the patient that they need as much information as possible. The patient shared, and understands she needs to overcome her embarrassment, and no one here is laughing at her. The information one can find and the discomfort they have in sharing can be eye opening to a surprising degree; the patient has diabetes, a history of Parkinson disease, stroke that has left her weak on her left side, and arthritis. Psychological predicaments and life changing events can also play a part in patient’s current problems as it was discovered that her husband recently passed away. This morbid reality has left
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