Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

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If your dog is unable to control their ability to hold their urine until they're outside, they're probably suffering from urinary incontinence. A small amount of urine will start to drip from the vulva or urethra during pets nap or while they sleep. In a female dog, estrogen has an impacting result, giving strength to the muscular tissue of the bladder. Within the male dog, testosterone as estrogen has an impact result as well. Everything that decreases or increases the levels of those hormones also consists of inability in holding urine. As a dog ages, the function of those hormones on they’re own decrease. The hormone responsive incontinence happens with neutered dogs male and female and sometimes in spayed cats but it is more often seen in female dogs. The pet may urinate normally, but they leak urine when resting or sleeping. Hormone responsive incontinence can occur later on after a pet is neutered. Once in a blue moon, the inability to control urine can happen in younger animals due to congenital anatomic abnormalities. Birth defects cause incontinence in young animals which is rare. If only one or both of the ureters by pass the bladder and also connect to a wrong place as the urethra or vagina, the young pup will drip urine. A least common cause is a condition called Vulvo Vaginal Stenosis where the vagina or the level where the urethra ends is narrowed. Once in a while urinating, some urine will get stuck in the vagina in front of this
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