Urinary Tract Infection And Its Effect On The Body System

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Urinary Tract Infection and its Effect on the Body System Urinary tract infection also referred to as UTI is the second most common infection in the body. The urinary tract system in your body which includes the bladder and kidneys makes urine and carries it out of your body. When germs get into the urinary tract system an infection is typically formed. UTI’s are usually caused when unwanted bacteria enters through the urethra and begins to multiply (www.mayoclinic.org). The bacteria that are normally found in the large intestine and feces are the most common source of a UTI. Sexual intercourse is one of the common causes of urinary tract infections for women, causing bacteria to move up into the urinary tract. Sometimes in a hospital setting a patient who is on a catheter can also get a urinary tract infection. The two types of urinary tract infections are infection of the bladder (Cystitis) and infection of the urethra (urethritis). Cystitis is a type of UTI which is caused by Escherichia coli, a type of bacteria that is normally found in the gastrointestinal tract (www.webmd.com). Although sexual intercourse can cause this type of urinary tract infection, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be sexually active to develop it. Every female is at risk for this type of UTI due to the shortness of distance from the urethral opening to the bladder and the urethra to the anus. Urethritis is a type of UTI which typically occurs when bacteria from the GI tract is

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