Urinary Tract Infection : Case Study

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Urinary Tract Infection:
Case Study 1 – Edna Watkins
Lab Report 2

Lecturer: Lotti Tajouri
Subject: Microbiology

By: Sophie Lamont
Student Number: 13297167

Due Date: Friday, 7th November 2014, 4pm
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1.0 Abstract

Infections of the urinary tract can involve any structure from the kidney to the urethra and can be classified into either uncomplicated or complicated. UTIs occur more commonly in women, primarily due to having a shorter urethra and presence of male prostatic fluid. This experiment analysed a urine sample in the aims to determine whether Edna Watkins has a UTI, by utilising gram staining, spot tests and various biochemical assaying (Microbact GNB 12A System). Results obtained from spot and biochemical testing validated the presence of Escherichia Coli in the urine sample, therefore the patient was positive for a UTI. Amoxicillin was initially prescribed prior to laboratory testings, however antibiotic sensitivity plating showed that this particular strain of E.coli was mutated and resistant to many drugs including Penicillin (ZOI = 0mm), Augmentin (ZOI =5mm), Ciprofloxacin (ZOI = 3mm), Gentamicin (ZOI = 5mm), and Nitrofurantoin (ZOI=1mm). The greatest sensitivity was found when testing the E.coli strain against Trimethoprim (ZOI was 14mm), a common antibiotic treated for uncomplicated UTIs. With this information, it is recommended the patient immediately discontinue the dosage of Amoxicillin and switch to a recommended
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