Urinary Tract Infections

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Andrea Robertson was about to begin a new chapter in her life. After attending her long-awaited high school graduation, she looked forward to enjoying her summer vacation before entering college. She knew that once college classes started, she would have fewer opportunities to spend time with her family and friends. To make full use of her summer break, Andrea made a checklist of places to visit, including the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Great America, and Monterey Bay Aquarium. Much to her dismay, her plans came to a screeching halt after she developed a urinary tract infection.
A month before she left for college, Andrea noticed that something was wrong with her body. All of a sudden, she felt the urge to go to the bathroom frequently. Yet, when she tried to urinate, she experienced a burning sensation even though only a trickle of urine came out. She aptly described her condition as, “extremely uncomfortable and worrisome.” Andrea felt scared and helpless, forcing her to seek advice from the one person she could trust: her mother.
Like any other teenager, Andrea was embarrassed to tell her mother, but fears that she could have a serious disease quickly relinquished her uneasiness. As soon as Andrea told her mother, she asked Andrea if she could look at her genital region to check if there were any physical signs of something wrong. Initially, Andrea was mortified and immediately said no because she was too embarrassed. She thought, “That is so weird! I don’t want my

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