Urine Trouble: A Short Story Essay

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In a smallish windowless office a nervous intern waits anxiously. His palms are sweaty and his knee won't stop shaking, He thinks about what he assumes this... what he knows this meeting must be about and he tries to relax. He looks around, thinks about pacing the room, thinks better of it, just like he has for the last 20 minutes. He keeps checking his retro flip phone for the time, only the time function works as well as calls but the inner screen broke so he can't play any games. He thinks about if they purposely face the chair away from the door just to make him more anxious.
Now he hears two hushed voices with a hint veiled contempt in each muffled phrase, not contempt for eachother though. Maybe a little ill will from the big boss
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His friends made a big show of it, they held a small party for him and after a nice dinner with friends he took the first hit of what would be thousands. It’s nice to know such high quality chem and bio majors.
20 minutes is all it took before he started feeling the effects. The first thing he noticed was his perception of time varied with every minute. He kept trying to tell them everyhing as it happened but his mouth couldn't keep up with his experience. After his perception of time seemed to soften and even out he found a clarity in his thinking that was completly new. There weren't any distractions popping up at him and the more he concentraited on the open clear feeling the more substantial it felt. It almost became a cognitive loop where the more he focused on his thoughts the more they demanded to be thought. His mind took a turn for the epiphany when he aimed his mind in the direction of his personal problems and suddenly they were so clear and focused for once he might be able to think objectivly about his life. He had multiple bursts of epiphany concerning a full range of problems in his life, only a small portion of which he decided to share with his friends, the observers. Developing a second track in his mind he realized he could talk to them about his superficial and less than embarassing problems and at the same time focus on his more important problems. When what felt like brilliance faded the hallucinations began. All
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