Url Stands For Uniform Resource Locator

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URL stands for uniform resource locator. URL is an allusion to a web resource that stipulates its location on a computer network and a process to retrieve it.URL is an identity to the web page of your website. A website is made up of many web pages. Each web page can be reached by users through at least a single uniform resource locator (URL) or in some occasions through multiple URLs. URL usually includes the identifier for a website and the address of a webpage.URL can be divided in to three parts host name, the first part of URL is (www.youtube.com), the second part (/results? search_query) is called directory structure and the third part or rest of it =web+analytics+2.0+avinash+kaushik called a parameter. The host name is basically the domain, which the URL is referring to, the domain is very important to web analytics applications because URL spots set of data which is usually associated to domain name in the URL.Two most important things URL will determine is your data strategy, your customer session, your cookie strategy and your ability to get views. One should structure the URL shrewdly to help you organize your data depending on the content on your website. This will ensure to meet the expected targets and will help in taking effective decisions.

As I discussed in the introduction, the third part of a URL is called parameter. URL parameters play an integral part in building a superior website. URL Parameters values are set dynamically in a page’s URL, and can be…
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