Url ( Uniform Resource Locator )

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URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a standard resource in the internet address with the purpose of getting the location of resource from the internet and access via a concise method. Every file has its own, unique URL, it points out that the location of the file browser and how to deal with it. It was originally created by Tim Berners-Lee, used as world wide web address. Now it has been complied as internet standard RFC1738 by the World Wide Web consortium. We are using internet every day in our life. URL is something we will meet and use when we surfing on the internet. URL is the address where the internet files are located, just like streets on the urban geography map, we could search and see it clearly when we need and use it. Life is pretty splendid when all the sites become statistic and were data. URL’s were all simple website address. It was easy for any web analytics tool to analyzing visits to that specific page and count the page visits and views. When the web became more dynamic and complexed than before. There will be lots of problems show up on the surface. The problem is that while web analytics tools have gotten better and can probably understand that first page (phone category page), the next two pages are not as straightforward. These pages contain tracking parameters or system parameters. Your web analytics tool has a hard time taking all these pieces and painting the right portrait. So, now you must sit down with your beloved IT folks and spend
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