Ursula's Flaw In The Book 'Poor Unfortunate Souls'

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The main character in my book “Poor unfortunate souls” is Ursala. Ursula's main motive is to have revenge on her brother, King Triton, who disowned her in the middle of the sea when she was just a baby. Ursula bottles up her emotions and that only leads to her downfall in the end. Ursula's major flaw is that she was so obsessed on getting revenge on Trition once she possesses his power she wanted to kill his daughter. Ursula was found by her human father and raised her as his own.

Ursula was raised by a human, who founder at sea.Ursula’s father was murdered because she was not human. Ursula was later found by her brother who said he has been looking for her but she knew that was a lie, because if he really was looking for her he would have
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