Us Civil War, Causes and Consequences Sophomore Us History

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The Civil War in America, Cause and Consequences

The Civil War in the United States of America is one of the most frequently studied wars of any in American History. This terrible war put brothers from the North against brothers from the South and the result was both awful and catastrophic. When counting the dead and wounded on both sides, including the destruction of houses, farms, and the livelihood of people on both sides, the Civil War was the most terrible and bloodiest war in American History. There were many issues that sparked the beginning of the American Civil War, including moral, political and economic aspects but the defining issue was slavery.

The Citizens of the North, led by President Abraham Lincoln, had
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They were prepared to fight if necessary to support their views (Kidnapping of a Free Negro political cartoon). Slave owners in the South continued the practice of buying and selling slaves at auction sales and they justified the practice because slaves were property like horses or cattle. The numerous slave auctions in 1852 made visible to the public, and the terrible abuse of these slaves helped lay the ground-work for the Civil War. Southerners continued to demand that their slaves were essential to plant and harvest their crops. When Harriet Beecher Stowe, wrote and distributed her book, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” this story struck the conscience of many thinking people both in the North and South. Further it encouraged those opposed to slavery to take action to abolish slavery. When faced with this story, many people of conscience were shocked at the reality of how a black person was being treated simply because he or she was black (Auction sale political cartoon). William Seward, a 19th century politician, presented the idea that either the whole country should support slavery or that there should be no slavery at all. He did not believe the nation could survive with the practice of half the nation with no slaves and half continuing with slaves. To him it was either all or nothing. He reminded that slavery
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