Us Constitution Essay

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Is the constitution still appropriate for America in the 21st Century? Written in seventeen- eighty-nine, being two hundred and twenty-five years old, Today, many of us question whether or not the United States Constitution is still relevant. When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, it was written according to their needs in the eighteenth century. According to the Bill of Rights, everyone has the right to bear arms, but in the twenty-first century what exactly does it mean to have the right to bear arms? Our meaning of the Constitution today, is different than the meaning of the Constitution two hundred and twenty-five years ago. After breaking free and declaring their independence from Great Britain, the founding fathers…show more content…
During the second constitutional convention, there were areas of agreements and disagreements between the representatives. They agreed upon human nature, political conflicts, objections of the government, and nature of the government, but when it came to equality, many disagreed. How can the constitution be relevant today when even in the eighteenth century, there were issues on what it meant to be equal or not? With arguments made between both the followers of the Virginia and New Jersey plan, came the Great Compromise. The Great compromise stated that in states with slavery, one slave would be counted as three-fifths of a person. This is written in Article one section eight, clause one of the constitution. How can the constitution still be relevant today when the topics of Slavery are still found in the constitution. Therefore, a new constitution shall be written to officially end the talk of slavery. Why is the topic of slavery found in our constitution when slavery ended one hundred and fifty-two years ago? In an article written by Paul Finkelman, a writer from The New York Times, “The convention prohibited the end of the African slave trade until 1808 (allowing for the importation of more than 60,000 more Africans), but did not require it ever be ended. It adopted two clauses that guaranteed the federal government would suppress slave insurrections and one that required the return of fugitive slaves.” How can the country go on with such a
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