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Matt Chinn
Professor Van Houweling
Poli Sci 1
The Constitution Needs Some TLC When creating the United States Constitution, our beloved Framers sought to establish a workable, malleable government that would last generations. A strong federal government with three separate, distinct branches turned was most optimal, and thus the official government of the US was born. Through the years, America’s governmental structure, with each branch of government maintaining their boundaries and providing a system of check and balances for the others, thrived. However, questions arise as to whether or not this governmental institution has withstood the sands of time, as well as the trials and tribulations that come with the rise of political
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More importantly, Federalist No. 51 gave assurance of three separate institutions that would govern vastly different matters, while still monitoring one another. Both of these systems allowed for a streamlined government that could potentially work with the American people. Looking ahead to the modern day, we now know that things may not always work seamlessly, but political authority ultimately works best when shared between the three branches of government.
Even though the Framers intended for the separation of powers to completely blockade the ability to concentrate too much power in any one branch, many still claim it is not enough because the presence of political parties, special interest groups, and other organizations has corrupted the authority of the politicians themselves. According to a polling study conducted after the 2012 election, studies showed that “93 million did not cast ballots,” and that the percentage of voters was down by at least 5 percent ( Going back to the 2016 election, statistics detailed that 16% of normally Democratic voters and 21% of normally Republican voters would not have voted in the election if the decision came down to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, in which it certainly did. Now, it is easy to blame the political parties for their flaws in uniting over a single candidate

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