Us Governmental Distrust in the 60's and 70's Essay

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- 1 - PLAN OF INVESTIGATION: During the early years of Vietnam War the public support was high. The "fight against communist" was grounds for many public rallies to encourage and support the effort. Despite the high approval rating the US government still released crucial propaganda that displayed communist as the evil of the world. It wasn't until Nixon invaded Cambodia that many protests occurred, mostly by democratic college students that led to the US government censoring American media. During hostile times in the Vietnam War the US government fell to censoring the media in order to lower the amount of opposing riots against the government. During an age of independent journalism, however, the government was not showing the same…show more content…
The main point of the source is to inform the youth of the documentation that has happened since the early 1900's to the monumental Y2K scare of the year 2000. The authors worked with reporters, eyewitnesses, historians, and politically involved personnel to compile a memoir of the last 100 years most revolutionizing moments. The source tackles such events as, the stock market crush, both world wars, Vietnam, all the way to Princess Diane's tragic death in 1997. Cynthia Rose. _American Decades: Primary Sources 1960-1979_. Cynthia Rose. : Thomson Gale, December 2003. - 4 - This source is also a documentation of the events occurring within US history during the years of 1960-1979. This source is truly helpful because of its primary sources unveiled within. Not only does Cynthia Rose establish true government incidents with Activists, but she also gives a documented court case that backs up my argument of censorship. The American Decades books have been established as an all American Encyclopedia. Their thoroughness provides a chronological documentation of America's struggles and gains with no political or personal belief skewing the documents. It is truly and encyclopedia of America's occurrences and altercations with the world. ANALYSIS: During the early stages of Vietnam, the public support of the war was high. Many people felt that although America had no actual connection
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