Us Healthcare Plan Vs. Uk Healthcare

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US Healthcare Plan vs. UK Healthcare Plan
While it 's difficult to estimate the exact number of Americans without health insurance at any given moment, most credible sources place this figure at between 40 and 45 million. In other words, one American in seven lacks even basic health insurance coverage ("How Many Americans Really Do Not Have Health Insurance?" n.d.).
The responsibility of an average American today, is to obtain healthcare insurance through private insurance, employer benefits, or Medicare and Medicaid. Estimates show that the average American spends about 5% of their gross income on medical costs, including premiums, co-pays and costs that are not covered, but this number varies, since everyone is responsible for their own healthcare costs ("US vs UK: Comparing Medical and Allied Healthcare Services," 2015).
US Healthcare Plan The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was enacted to increase the quality and affordability of insurance for Americans. The health-care system if funded by a patchwork of public and private insurance with large point-of-service fees. Care is provided through not-for-profit, private and public providers in a competitive delivery system.
Pros: There are now more private coverage options than ever, and all major medical coverage options must provide minimum essential coverage. Affordable Care Act ensures that you can’t be dropped from coverage when you get sick or make an honest mistake on your application. You also can’t be

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