Us History Began in 1607 Essay

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Dayana Rodriguez February 18, 2013 U.S. History 1301 V05 Instructor Gilberto Reyes Jr Did U.S. History Begin in 1607? True or False My answer would have to be true and false. I know that probably sound funny but after doing research I have found different dates in which U.S History might have started. I think that it just all depends on the person and their judgment. The topic is “U.S History began in 1607”. The year 1607, which marks the settlement of Jamestown, the first permanent English colony in North America, is certainly one of the more significant dates in early American history (Sage). But after reading and researching that date, I have come to find that many people were on the land way before that year. Like for example,…show more content…
But what does all this have to do with the topic? So far all this information is just the discovering of America and who was here first and how they got here. In 1607, a group of London investors known as the Virginia Company sent a small convoy of vessels to Chesapeake Bay, where hundred men built a fort they named Jamestown in honor of King James I (Faragher, Buhle and Czitrom). Chesapeake Bay was already home to many Indians. This became the first English settlement in North America. Maybe this is the reason the topic is on this specific year. With this in mind, I still think that there is still a lot of other dates in which U.S. History might have begun. Like for example, 1776 – this date relates to year the U.S. declared its independence from England (Lecture 1). Before starting this class I thought that the Declaration of Independence is what and where U.S. History started. I know we have not got in to detail on this matter but from research and studies I read in high school, I honestly thought that was the starting time to our nation’s history. The reason I think this is because before the Declaration of Independence we still were a part of Britain. U.S History might have begun with the creation of the United States, which was when the Declaration of Independence was adopted. So this is why I think the topic might be true and false, because there are many dates in which U.S. History might have begun. Works Cited Faragher, John Mark, et al. Out of
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