Us History Essential Questions on Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Chapter 11 Essential Questions 1) Why does Kennedy refer to the case of Marbury vs. Madison as “epochal?” Describe the short and long-term ramifications to the decision. The case of Marbury vs. Madison established judicial review of acts of Congress to determine if they are unconstitutional. It was so epochal because had it not established judicial review, Congress would be free to pass laws that are completely unconstitutional and a violation of the rights set in place by the first ten amendments. It brought order out of the chaos that occurred when Adams appointed the Midnight Judges. Over the long term, it has affected many congressional bills that if passed, would not be constitutional. 2)What basis did Thomas Jefferson…show more content…
Explain. The first principle of government advanced by Jefferson and the Anti-Federalists before 1800 was the exploration and organization of Western Land set by the Land Ordinance of 1785 and Northwest Ordinance of 1787, part of the Articles of Confederation. These laws held through the Jefferson presidency and were largely the basis of exploration in the future. The second was the Bill of Rights set forth in the Constitution. They guaranteed the natural rights of citizens in the first ten amendments. The were maintained through the presidency and although debated, are in tact today. The third principle are the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. They called for state’s rights and supported nullification, which meant that a state can nullify a law that the federal government passes. This did not become public policy mainly because of Federalist opposition. It was fought for in the Civil war, and today states have to obey federal law. 4) Jefferson said “The day France takes possession of New Orleans we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation.” Why was he so alarmed? New Orleans was a key port on the Mississippi that gave the possessor a substantial amount of power in that area. France would gain critical access to the Mississippi River and have the ability to travel about it and maybe take land along the way. Possession of New Orleans would also give it access to western land, which is something America was after. America would
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