Us Immigration Policy Essay

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When you have substantial amounts of people subsiding in a general region you will always have those who agree with certain policies and those you disagree. In the case of the US immigration policy, there was a considerable amount of people who had strong opinions on America's way of running their immigration system. Many interviews, articles, speeches, and cartoons were created to show the harsh insensitivity they felt was being portrayed in immigration. A Senator of New York named Meyer Jacobstein made several thought-provoking claims towards the policy. He started with a point against the committee, “ One of the purposes in shifting to the 1890 census is to reduce the number of undesirables and defectives in our institutions. In fact,…show more content…
Nothing could be more dangerous, in a land the Constitution of which says that all men are created equal than to write into our law a theory which puts one race above another, which stamps one group of people as superior and another as…show more content…
Even if you made it into America you were shunned or accepted again according to your race and background. Sure the US is the land of the free, but how free were you was the question. Moving into more criticism received, the Congress was a huge target for hate. As Klineberg says, “ So the Congress then said, well, nothing’s going to change, because we’re going to give preference to people who are already, who are related to people who are already here.” Klineberg points out that Congress restrained those who didn't have connections to those in America. Did they not see that no matter the race or connections that those who had an immense amount of skill were someday going to migrate to America and become impacting factors to the culture? Another serious point shown in the cartoon was one of skill and comprehension. To come into “The Land of the Free” you had to make the cut. This was heavily criticized, the fact that America held those back according to how much talent they saw. But who is making the standard to which you can be called skilled? Who says that the immigrants weren't skilled enough? The wall may not have been a physical barrier that lined the US but was absolutely an unseen mental formation created by the
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