Us Immigration Timeline Essay

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The site I chose was the United States Immigration timeline. This timeline was created by Harvard university. It beings in 1789 with the signing of the Constitution of the United States, which gave a start to the governing body of our country. It begins in detail describing a number of policy decisions that affected immigration as well as describing the number of immigrants that came into the country. It breaks down the number of immigrants that arrived by decade. It’s interesting to see the number of immigrants that arrived early in our nations history. In the last nineteenth century, we were welcoming multiple millions of immigrants every decade. This is a staggering number and really goes to show how much of the U.S. population comes from immigrants.…show more content…
One that I found particularly interesting was that in 1907, the United States had a gentlemen’s agreement with Japan to treat Japanese-Americans better and to not restrict immigrants from Japan as long as Japan restricted its citizens from emigrating. This is an interesting agreement as the United State’s is agreeing to treat Japanese-Americans better as long as Japan doesn’t send more citizens. There are also a lot of acts referenced that affect immigration. It’s interesting to see how the United States government attempted to control the population and status quo through the use of legislative policies.

While the timeline is extremely detailed from 1800-1900, it becomes much less detailed following 1920. The timeline also ends all together in 1940. As a result, it is not as useful when it comes to relating to my project. I am on the SNAP project, which deals with uptake of the supplemental nutrition assistance program in Minnesota. Our focus is on 2017 and the future and thus, information not the history of immigration isn’t acutely relevant or applicable to our
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