Us Imperialism Essay

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The Debate Over U.S Imperialism Imperialism has played a large role in U.S history and other countries. Factors that can be changed through imperialism are global power and trade investment in other countries. Imperialism is a natural way of expanding and is beneficial to the U.S. Although imperialism has caused wars, there are many positive results, such as annexation and involvement in other countries, better trade, and the rise of the U.S as a global power. Therefore people believe imperialism is necessary to make the U.S stronger. Through imperialism the U.S annexed and involved themselves in many countries. A few countries they were involved in include Panama, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and China. These countries allowed the U.S to improve trade, military, and spread our…show more content…
Strong trade, control over certain countries, and military. During Roosevelt's term he accomplished a lot to make it known that the U.S was a global power. Roosevelt supported the fact that a strong military, especially navy was important in expanding and becoming a world power. One way he did this was by sending “The Great White Fleet” on a world tour. It was a fleet of 16 ships that would travel around the world to protect our trade and enforce treaties. Another supporter of imperialism, Henry Cabot Lodge, also agreed that a strong navy is key to expanding and the U.S should look outward and help others to spread our power. A.L Lowell, president of Harvard, said “imperialism is successful, the way for other countries to succeed is for us to control them.” The controlled countries will be set because the U.S will spread their successful ways of culture and government, which is “White Mans Burden”. The more successful countries we have control over, the more global authority the U.S has. Countries that the U.S control can serve as a way of travel, bases for military, and refueling
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