Us Management Styles Verses China

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Traditional Management Styles of the United States versus China

Chinese and Western management styles have varied greatly for many years, but are now beginning to merge. With more and more Western companies opening offices in China, managers are using hybrid styles of management. The combining of Chinese and Western styles of management have helped both companies and managers to become successful. This is due to the positive manager-employee relationships that develop and lead to high job satisfaction. Chinese managers are creating strong relationships and social networks not only within their company, but with other mangers working at different companies throughout the world. Companies that open offices in China often use
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American managers have been using several management styles that been effective in their companies.
Autocratic Management Style The autocratic management style is also known as the authoritative style where managers tend to be driven by the achievement of results and the desire to make things happen. The managers who follow this kind of style have strong personalities, which allow them to perform and demand the best performance from their workers (Bono & Heller, 2006). This management style involves the managers making decisions on their own and this allows the decision making process to be very fast. The managers are also very tactful as they provide a firm but fair approach providing direction in the company. The autocratic management style leads companies to achieve the stated results at the expense of the relationship between the staff and the managers. This management style usually leads to a high turnover rate among employees. Such managers portray particular characteristics that enable them to become authoritative and to use this management style. They are usually very competitive and focused on attaining specific goals and achievements within the market (Bono & Heller, 2006). These managers are known to be overbearing and assertive in everything they do as they also like to put a lot of emphasis on their accomplishments. The business environment and the cultures of most American companies are very competitive. For most companies to
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