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Healthcare in Germany vs. U.S.A Western Governors University Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Germany’s and the United States’ healthcare systems compare and contrast in many ways. Germany has the third richest economy in the world and many categorize their healthcare system as socialized. Germany provides medical care to all of the citizens—young, poor, old, sick, and injured. Otto von Bismarck the Prussian chancellor in the 1880s in Germany invented the concept of healthcare systems, the notion that a government has to provide mechanisms so all its people can get medical care when they need it. In 1883, the Sickness Insurance Act was passed, representing the first social insurance program. Over the past 130 years the…show more content…
Germany’s health care system pays for not only healthcare basics but also dental, optical, mental health. They will also pay for alternative therapies like homeopathy, to go to a spa, and more. The healthcare system is highly accepted by the German population. Pregnant women pay nothing for their care, while most Germans have a co-pay of $15 dollars once every 3 months for their doctor visits (Saul, 2014). If Germans become unemployed for any reason, their health insurance does not change at all. In contrast, if a citizen in the U.S. finds themselves unemployed their health insurance is eliminated with the job. They may qualify for unemployment, but rarely does this have any impact on health insurance coverage (Saul, 2014). Children and retired people do have options for health care coverage in the U.S. if not already covered with Medicaid and Medicare. Although if a person is retired, they do not qualify for Medicaid unless they are over the age of 65. This is quite different than Germany, where all citizens are insured no matter if unemployed, retired, young, poor, etc. The United States could definitely learn a thing or two by looking at Germany’s health care system. Referral to a Specialist Delivery of healthcare in Germany is largely a market affair carried out by private doctors and private hospitals. It takes about 1 or two weeks to get an appointment for a
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