Usa Today and Wall Street Journal Swot

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USA TODAY Strengths 1. Hotel Circulation 2. Cheaper for Technological Circulation 3. Number One For Sports Coverage 4. Relates To More People Who Do Not Have A Strong Business Background 5. Easier Comprehension For Lower Education Level Readers 6. More Popular in Lower Income Families (under $80,000) 7. Use of Google Ads 8. Popularity Greatly Exceeds the Competition Outside the WSJ 9. Short Distribution to Circulators Weaknesses 1. Decline of Paper Reading 2. Availability of Free Online Articles Before Subscription 3. Lack of Youth Appeal- Average Age is 50 Years Old 4. More of A Domestic Newspaper Compared to the WSJ, offered in London and a few select cities 5. Wide Range of Coverage That…show more content…
* As internet readers increase, save money on using less paper, ink ,etc. Also can eliminate some salary expenses (delivery boy, etc.) * A decrease in operating costs will open up the opportunity for them to focus on the popularity of Internet media. * Could transition from a daily paper to a weekly, or just three times a week * Lessen costs and encourage web participation * Set distribution which provides a guaranteed advertisement community * The set advertisement community guarantees loyalty to the switch to internet media, and a steady income from advertisements (the main source of income) * Information demand is increasing * With the switch to Internet media, an increase in information demand provides increased popularity and focus of one of the top two leading news sites. * Increased advertisement opportunities * As their main source of income, this will potentially create growth * Plummeting stock market * Increases public desire/need for information * Journalism education focusing on the internet * New fresh minds focusing on the future of media Threats * Groupon * Other, cheaper advertisement opportunities * Other forms of print Radio, TV, magazines (The Economist) * Competition for the same information * Other free news on the internet * No need to pay for a
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