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Born in 1999 when the CancerNet web necessitated a re-gig, the exclusive site has never looked back, but has grown by leaps in stature and popularity; to be regarded has an exclusive source of information for government.

Purpose of the Website

Government designers are striving to create challenging websites with easy to operate interfaces, better accessibility and more genuine and useful content, by assimilating a wish list of user's database requirements. In addition, they involve in building prototypes and organize well documented usability tests with emphasis on patterns and population census, with core knowledge packaged into specific guidelines (for user-centered web users) and lessons learned (case studies) (Sanjay, 2002).

Appearance and Target Audience

The website follows a moderately simple line with a pleasant color combination of brown and beige, and seems quite functional, with an easy interface, good graphics and interesting content, but the perception arising from the aesthetics on the website, is not exciting enough to send your adrenalin pumping. The links, both in the body and at the top are conveniently placed. However, the feature which really strikes you is the quality of the highly informative content, especially the template, which I can't wait to tap out to create a trial website, and if successful, store it for further reference and use. The usability charts

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