Usage Of Social Media And Benefits

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Usage of social media and benefits In the annual survey (Jacques Bughin), 40percent of companies are using blogs and and social networking for the promotion of their brands. Companies adopted the online media found that percentage of externally networked companies is performing higher than internal network ones. (appendix 4). It tells that, use of social technologies like facebook, twitter and instagram outreach the boundaries of the customers , it is not static (Mckinsey Survey). The social networking allows the brands to share their personal information with the target customers such as , by posting the images , tagging the friends , follow and by sharing the thoughts. This enables brands to know what their customers think of particular brand and allow them to interact with both organization and individual. Such activities by the company allows the positive role, personal and group identity enhancement. Now, social media extending to greater extend as more of companies use technology to scan the external environment for new ideas. Social networking and blogs are used for externally focused that support marketing efforts. Just like all other brands like whiskey, jack daniels ,wines all the big brands using instagram , youtube or facebook to promote their spirits . They are posting the images or pictures of their sports events and also the ambassador which influences the youth or the fans to buy or to show the interest in these luxury spirits. Chivas brothers released the
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