Usage of Animals in Biomedical Experiments

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The great advances in medicine have been the results of many researches carried out by scientists who did many experiments to test the validity of their theories. Such experiments demanded using animals in testing which proved to be beneficial for ages in spite of the objections it raised among animal protectors. Yet the usage of animals in biomedical experiments has increased significantly over the past decade creating more and constant debate on whether the benefits of these experiments overweigh its drawbacks. Therefore the issue became one of the most controversial topics.
Some animals are being tested for many reasons. As these tests help scientists have more understanding of certain kinds of fatal diseases and allow them the chance of examining the effectiveness of certain drugs or treatments. In addition, some animals’ experiments help scientist to be aware of the basic biology of animals (1).
However, some people claim that these experiments should be banned due to the harm and pain they cause to animals, thus raising a moral issue whether sacrificing the lives of animals in scientific experiments would really benefit the progress of medical research. On the other hand, many others support the idea of animal testing due to its major role in avoiding scientists with samples to test their products on, apart from human sampling which is considered quite harmful with unpredictable results. Thus, this essay will examine the both ideas with some explanations and evidence.
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