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Bookshelf Editor Manual: Usability Report Author: Muhammad Nadeem Version: 1.1 Date: January 27, 2013 add preface 1. Brief Executive Summary Bookshelf Editor 1.1 is a software program used to design a bookshelf containing books. Such books can be linked to local or external web pages. The bookshelf system can be exported into a format which can be viewed in a browser or in an XML editor. In order to enhance best possible usage of this application and to ensure full achievement for its users, it was considered very important to create a user manual that is efficient, effective and user friendly. The manual development process followed an interactive sequence in which the methodology it was written, tested, and revised. The…show more content…
3. 1. evaluating the effectiveness of the different parts of the manual such as Table of Contents, Index, Glossary and Instructions 2. 3. 1. uncovering flaws in the manual: incorrect, confusing or missing instructions. 2. add related-linksadd topic 3. Test Methodology This section contains the following topics: * Participants * Procedure * Usability Metrics add related-links 3.1 Participants This section contains the following topics: * Profile of Test Participants * Role of Test Participants add related-links 3.1.1 Profile of Test Participants For this testing five people were recruited from a general population of known family and friends of varying ages. They were all novice users to this application, meaning that they had never used a Bookshelf Editor before. Four out of the five participants had many years of computer experience; P4 had only 1 year of experience. This is because she is still young at the age of only 11 years old. The same four participants had some experience using print and online manuals, whereas P4 had no experience at all (again due to her age). They all understood the English language and were knowledgeable users of internet browsers. Profile of Test Participants | USER: | P1 | P2 | P3 | P4 | P5 | AGE RANGE: | 50 - 69 yrs | 20 - 39 yrs | 20 - 29 yrs | 10 - 29 yrs | 30 - 49 yrs | FIRST LANGUAGE | English | English |
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