Usaibility Report

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Bookshelf Editor Manual: Usability Report Author: Muhammad Nadeem Version: 1.1 Date: January 27, 2013 add preface 1. Brief Executive Summary Bookshelf Editor 1.1 is a software program used to design a bookshelf containing books. Such books can be linked to local or external web pages. The bookshelf system can be exported into a format which can be viewed in a browser or in an XML editor. In order to enhance best possible usage of this application and to ensure full achievement for its users, it was considered very important to create a user manual that is efficient, effective and user friendly. The manual development process followed an interactive sequence in which the methodology it was written, tested, and revised. The…show more content…
Oral comments were recorded via a MP3 recorder and jotted notes on paper. The facilitator briefed the participant on the application and the purpose of the test. The participant was also informed that only the manual was being evaluated and not the participant itself. The facilitator asked the participant to read the Orientation Script and fill out a Background Questionnaire. The participant was assured that this information would be treated as confidential and would not be disclosed to other participants and third parties. The participants were then handed the Task List & Evaluation document for the main part of the test. This document consisted of 25 critical tasks that the user had to complete. The participant had to look up in the manual for every task rather than go directly to the application interface to figure it out. They were encouraged to share their comments out loud while carrying out each task. After each task, the participant rated how easy it was to use the manual and searching for/finding the necessary information in order to complete the particular task. A 6-point scale was used with measures ranging from Very Easy to Very Difficult. The facilitator recorded any comments made by the user as well as whether that task was completed successfully. After all tasks were completed, the participant filled out a post-test Questionnaire. The participant was asked to use a 6-point scale to rate the clarity,
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