Usain Bolt Personality

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Most people would say that Usain bolt is the greatest athlete of all time he is an Olympian if you do not no he is a track star he hold the record for the hundred meter dash and the 200 hundred meter. He one of the most naturally gifted ever he has a work out that is one of the hardest workouts of all time his talent only took him so far he had to have hard work and determination. He currently has 9 gold medals. His nationality is Jamaican he is six foot 5 inches with a huge wingspan. He just recently bought a new car for a million dollars that’s more than my house cost and he not even living in the car. He is a short distance runner his mile time would not be that fast because he doesn’t practice running long distance. His mile time would…show more content…
He still lives and Jamaica and it will always be his hometown. It is awesome that he’s never forgot the people that are small and put them in his big life. Usain bolt has so many different sponsors he has Gatorade and puma and a bunch of other stuff like that. He is not only making money on his track but also on his sponsors. He is probly stacking money and is super rich. He is also puma’s number 1 selling shoe. In Jamaican Usain has his own restaurant which also means that he going to be making money. That which means that’s he going to be making money. His life could be a movie with all the money he’s making. Usain bolt was offered the sportsman off the year to years in a row which has never happened before! Let’s hope he can win this year to break some more records. A fun fact is that he has never broke a record in his own country. The only one that he has when he was 14 years old. His fastest hundred meter was in London in 2012. His biggest role model is that Michael Johnson. He beat Michaels 200 hundred meter record which he was crying after words. He has never personally met Michael
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