Use And Gratifications Theory In Public Relations

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There are many theories discuss about actions and events in public relations (PR). According to Em Griffin (2012), theory is a set of systematic that study about the prediction about the way things work. However, public relations is a management function which helps to identify, build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships which focus on the production messages, campaign and mass media effects on audiences. (Cabot, 2012). Therefore, study of theories is one of the effective ways to help PR practitioners to make right decisions in their PR plan and program (Lattimore, 2009). In this assignment, I am going to discuss uses and gratifications theory which is a theory that related to PR.

Katz (1959) was the first who formally outline the uses and gratifications approach to the study of communication. He suggested that the research on communication should ask about what people do with the media instead of asking the traditional question of what media do to people.This theory was emerged in 1974 by Katz and Jay Blumler to examine how individuals use mass media and the benefits of media creates for the consumer (Cummings, 2008). According to Wimmer and Dominick (1994), the origin of uses and gratifications theory due to researchers became interested in why audiences engaged in various forms of media behavior.
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A further explanation of this theory is to make sense of the fact which there is a lot of reasons why people consume media message however not everyone will be affected by the given message. Therefore, gratifications need is the driving mechanism of the theory. By understanding the particular needs of the media consumer, only we can clarify the media effect (Griffin,

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