Use Contemporary Communication Modalities In Advanced Nursing Communication Paper

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MSN program outcome #3: Use contemporary communication modalities effectively in advanced nursing roles.
Communication is an important tool in providing high quality, safest and cost effective care. Communication prevents costly errors, streamlines patient care to prevent delays, and demonstrates a united front among members of the health care team. According to the Joint Commission, nearly 60 percent of medical errors are a direct result of communication breakdown. Communication breakdown can be caused by many factors. Time is a major factor in communication breakdown. Work environments characterized by high patient acuity and staffing shortages create additional stress that contribute to communication breakdown. Advances in technology to increase quality and efficiency have also a part in communication breakdown (Flicek, 2012). The increasing complex needs of patients, seismic shifts in healthcare systems and explosion of medical knowledge demand for more effective communication. Today’s health care models are focused on maintaining health rather than responding to acute illness. A team-based approach that is centered on close collaboration among all types of providers from across the care continuum brings improved patient outcomes. As a result, to achieve the triple aim of improving quality, enhancing the patient experience and lowering healthcare costs, an improved communication strategy is essential (Deland, Gordan, & Kelly, 2015). Various communication modalities such

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