Use Of 3d Modelling And Motion Graphics Of Idents For Multimedia Organisations

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 The Requirement’s 2 The Objective 2 Targeted audience 2 Existing Idents 3 E4 – Beach ident 2007 3 BBC Three – Outro/Purple World Ident 2008 4 BBC Four Lake Ident 4 References 6 Introduction This report will talk about the use of 3D modelling and motion graphics to create idents for multimedia organisations. The requirements, objectives and targeted audience of the idents will be discussed and all declarations are justified with supporting evidence. The Requirement’s The requirements are basically the advertising of the brand for example E4, BBC 3 and BBC 4. They all keep to their own colours of which match the channels themes and make them recognizable to the viewer. They will sometimes make…show more content…
The colour of the logo creates brand loyalty & makes it recognisable. This is because the colour of it is shown throughout the ident and promotes the channel and its theme and the logo is shown various times throughout in different variations, but even when the logo is made of popcorn in conjunction with the summer theme, there is still the presence of the colour purple in the background, meaning the ident it doesn’t lose identity and viewers can still recognise the channel. Although the content of the ident may seem randomly placed they are not. Each of the subjects represents E4 in the manor that it broadcasts a variety of programmes but is mainly known for its entertainment programs. This is shown when one the teddies in the slow-moving boat sailing are pulled into the sand by the fishing rod. This is entertaining, which suggests that the ident is focused towards its entertainment content. The 3 beach huts coloured differently show the sub-categories of content which is shown on the channel such as comedy, drama & documentaries Within this ident, it could be assumed that the busy content attempts to make the viewer aware of the channel content, therefore encouraging the viewer to stay on the channel by making this activity and excitement familiar with the viewers and finally influencing the viewers. Channel 4’s statement/values and of which it meets are as follows:- • “To be innovative, experimental and at the

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